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Birthdays are time to have endless fun and joy with friends/family and beloved. Spice up the birthday of your dear 'n ones with these funky birthday celebrations idea, birthday celebration cards from 123HappyBirthday.Com

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It is assumed that carousing Birthdays in Europe commenced with the originally Iranian cult of Mithras in Roman Empire. It was very rare during the middle ages but with the advent of reformation it was resurrected.

A happy Birthday song is conventionally sung to accolade the person celebrating his birthday. The carnival is followed by the blowing out of candles and then slicing the highly decorated birthday cake. The rite of blowing out of candles has got a significance which is believed by most people. It is a means of wish fulfillment. If all the candles can be blown out with one breath then the wish is believed to come true. The birthday cake is very nicely decorated and it is garlanded with lit candles. The singing of birthday song can be performed at any place, even in restaurants at the delivery of the dessert or the very special birthday cake.

Numeral candles are also used where the number of candles may prove to be a fire hazard. Numeral candles means the shape of the candle will be numeral, for e. g. if the person’s age is fifty then instead of lighting fifty candles only a numeral 5 followed by a numeral 0 will be placed on the cake.

On Birthday, the honored person gets a hug, a call or letters from his friends and family. Kids usually enjoy this special day by playing games such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs and hitting Piñatas. Adults prefer to celebrate their birthday privately in some restaurants by having a dinner with their friends.

A tradition of Surprise Parties is also popular. The Birthday boy or the Birthday girl receives no greetings from his/her family at the beginning of the day because a surprise party has been organized to delight the honored person.                                                                                                                                                                   continued...

Wishing A Happy Birthday!
Wishing A Happy Birthday!
A cute birthday ecard for someone special.
Special Birthday Wishes...
Special Birthday Wishes...
A cute birthday ecard for someone special.
Warm And Beautiful B'day Wishes!
Warm And Beautiful B'day Wishes!
A beautiful birthday wish.
A Birthday Wish For Someone Special!
A Birthday Wish For Someone Special!
A special birthday note for your sweetheart/ loved one.
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