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Birthdays are time to have endless fun and joy with friends/family and beloved. Spice up the birthday of your dear 'n ones with these funky birthday celebrations idea, birthday celebration cards from 123HappyBirthday.Com

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There is also a practice of treating friends and that is not always compensated by gifts. Another custom which was commonly practiced by the girls in 1950’s and 60’s in their school days was receiving of a bouquet of flower, ornamented with inexpensive gifts such as candies, lollipops, bubble gums, sugar cubes, lemon drops and many more on their Birthday depending on their age.
Birthday bumps are also eminent; here the Birthday boy/ girl is lifted on air by his/ her friends and family and then placed on the ground lightly so that they don’t get hurt. The number of bumps equals the age that the honored person reaches on his Birthday. ‘Birthday beats’ and ‘Birthday bashes’ are also practiced on this day which is similar to the Birthday bumps, that is the Birthday person gets a number of friendly thumps on his arm or back corresponding to the age he has reached.
Birthdays are celebrated specially on notable ages such as 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, and so on. One’s golden Birthday is also called as one’s Champagne Birthday, this happens when one’s age coincides with his date of birth, for e. g, if the age of the Birthday guy turns 30 on his date of birth, supposedly 30th of may then it is celebrated as his golden Birthday.
Many girls in the United States have sweet sixteen birthday parties. In Latin America, the 15th Birthday of a girl is a marked one and is traditionally celebrated.
The Birthdays of historically significant people such as Jesus Christ or Prophet Muhammad are usually commemorated as official holidays followed by celebrations in religious places and at people’s home. Some notables, particularly Monarchs, on a fixed day of the year celebrate his Birthday which does not match their actual date of birth yet celebrations are held on that day. Examples such as King or Queen’s Birthday in U.K under British crown; Commonwealth Day, originally called Empire’s Day is on the Queen Empress Victoria’s Birthday held on May 24; in Luxemburg the national holiday is on June.                                                                  continued...


Wishing A Happy Birthday!
Wishing A Happy Birthday!
A cute birthday ecard for someone special.
Special Birthday Wishes...
Special Birthday Wishes...
A cute birthday ecard for someone special.
Warm And Beautiful B'day Wishes!
Warm And Beautiful B'day Wishes!
A beautiful birthday wish.
A Birthday Wish For Someone Special!
A Birthday Wish For Someone Special!
A special birthday note for your sweetheart/ loved one.
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