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Happy Birthday ...It's party time. Everyone looks for an unique and exclusive birthday party theme. Select the most appropriate birthday party theme for your dear 'n near ones and make his/her birthday a memorable one.

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Planning a party for your child is not a stress free or effortless task. You have to keep in mind countless such things that would not only linger a beam to your child’s face but will spice up the entire air of the party as well. Themes play a key role in the festivity. Themes should therefore be active, jaunty, vibrant and most effectively should be at per with the age of the birthday kid and the invitees .

Some of the birthday party themes have gained huge eminence and if can be implemented in a birthday party, will make everyone go rock the party. Themes such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Baby’s 1st birthday , Spiderman Birthday Party, Disney Princesses Birthday party, Dinosaur Birthday Party and Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party are some of the most treasured and eminent Themes that bring a spirit of fun , delight and thrill to the fete.

An enchanting Theme though, Harry Potter has got some magical games, crafts and activities that will rock the entire kids party. Combine aspects from different books and movies like the spider webs, plastic spiders, twinkling party lights, plastic frogs, jars of potion, dragon alley shop signs, painted blue or green butcher paper for underwater world scenario and lastly paper snowflakes and white streamers for Yule ball. With the help of the teens decorate the party area with the enlisted elements. Then divide the guests in diverse teams corresponding to the play characters, cater to them with desired equipments and start rocking the party with this majestic Theme.

Loaded with fun-filled activities, games and gifts the Pirates of the Caribbean party Theme is an absolute enjoyment with Captain Jack Sparrow and his screw of pirates. Craft a pirate adventure treasure map as an invitation card to set the mood. Red, black and gold will be the color scheme of this party and should be used in balloons, streamers and tablecloth to inflict a sparkling and exploratory ambiance to the party. Put up a daring poster on the doorway, purchase pirate flags in various colors and cover the table with it. Scatter gold chocolate (or plastic) coins and plastic jewels and add a pirate chest piņata to the decoration. Kids would love to have a gala on such a miraculous Theme.    
Smiling Balloon Bouquet!
Smiling Balloon Bouquet!
Let this cute teddy do a magic trick to make your friend smile on his or her birthday.
A Birthday Message For Your Brother!
A Birthday Message For Your Brother!
Wish your brother a very happy birthday with this warm message.
A Fun Interactive Birthday Wish!
A Fun Interactive Birthday Wish!
Send across this funny b'day ecard.
It's To Late To Say Happy Birthday...
It's To Late To Say Happy Birthday...
A belated birthday ecard to make someone smile.
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