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Greet your dear 'n near ones on their birthday with warm happy birthday songs cards and ecards that's sure to brighten up their special day !

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“Happy Birthday to You”

‘Happy Birthday to You’ is a rejoicing song sung on a person’s birthday. Though translated in many languages, the song is originally sung in English lyrics even in countries which do not converse in English.

A four-line ditty ‘Happy Birthday to You’ was written by American sisters Patty and Mildred Hill in 1893 when they were teaching at a school in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city. It is ranked as either the 16th or 26th largest city in United States as per the population runs. This simple ditty, derived from the classroom greeting “Good Morning to All”, is a legendary song sung conventionally in all the English-speaking countries and perhaps in the whole world too.

Happy Birthday to you is not only incorporated in birthday greeting cards but also available in music cds along with other birthday songs . It is traditionally sung on every birthday irrespective of age, caste and status. Usually harmonic with the birthday cake, this birthday greeting liven up the air of the party.

This bouncy song of cheer was born on 27th June, 1859 and this year, will complete 142 years of excellence.

Greetings cards which have obtained immense popularity contain some startling titles such as Mediterranean Birthday Dance, Happy Happy, Quacked Up, Out of this World, Birthday Lounge, Happy Birthday Symphony, Birthday Bubbles, Boing Boing Boing Birthday song, Trippy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday to You, Born on this Day, Shiney and New and A Special Birthday song. Apart from touching the reader’s heart, these cards have gained a breathtaking status in the musical birthday cards gallery.

Happy Birthday song is found in miscellaneous music cd as well. Some of the eminent ones are Sunny Side Up- Birthday Song/Happy Birthday, Various Artists- Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Party Songs and Games and Forty and Foxy.

Restaurants too have some real talents who sing the “Happy Birthday to You” melody to jazz up the party. They are the waitrons come singers who more often than not take a turn at the microphone to piano accompaniment.

Electrify your child by personalizing your Happy Birthday song, putting it into a voicemail box fitted inside a teddy bear . Nothing can be more thrilling than this. Your child is sure to be in awe while listening to it. A Happy Birthday song is not performed only because of rituality but because it harmonizes the party as well as the birthday person and also adds a deep sense of spirit to the fête. Fête is a French word which means an elaborate party especially celebrated at an outdoor environment.

Smiling Balloon Bouquet!
Smiling Balloon Bouquet!
Let this cute teddy do a magic trick to make your friend smile on his or her birthday.
A Birthday Message For Your Brother!
A Birthday Message For Your Brother!
Wish your brother a very happy birthday with this warm message.
A Fun Interactive Birthday Wish!
A Fun Interactive Birthday Wish!
Send across this funny b'day ecard.
It's To Late To Say Happy Birthday...
It's To Late To Say Happy Birthday...
A belated birthday ecard to make someone smile.
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